Registration Guide

Registration​ Guide

Royal Circle Club Casino Account Registration Guide.
East steps to open a account!

Royal Circle Club Casino How to Register

Access the Royal Circle Club account registration page

Click here ( to register at Royal Circle Club Casino.

*Follow the steps in the Royal Circle Club Casino registration guide.


Please fill in the required fields for registration

Here is your information that will be required on the registration form:

1. Username (The username must be between 6 and 12 characters.)
2. Password (The password may not be greater than 15 characters.)
3. Name-Surname (Must match the bank account name for deposit and withdrawal)
4. Mobile phone number (Contactable)
5. Please agree the terms!


Click the Register button to complete your account creation!

Click Register to complete your account registration with Royal Circle Club Casino.
You can login to your account with [username] and [password].

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