RED TIGER Featured Game

RED TIGER Featured Game

Quality Games "Red Tiger"

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Red Tiger was founded in 2014 by a group of professionals who have been in the online casino industry for a long time. It is an up-and-coming software company whose name is spreading throughout Europe and Asia.
While video slots make up the majority of its 100+ games, Red Tiger also focuses on table games, the quality of which rivals that of the major players.

These high-quality games are developed not only by game developers, but also by a team of psychologists, mathematicians, and other professionals in various fields.

RED TIGER Featured Game

Features of Red Tiger game

In addition to video slots, Red Tiger is also known for its table games. Video poker and baccarat, for example, can be enjoyed at a leisurely, self-paced pace with smooth operation and high-quality graphics.

Red Tiger’s game development team is staffed with experts in a variety of fields, including a graphic designer, audio engineer, account manager, and gambling expert, as well as a psychologist and mathematician, creating new games one after another from a multifaceted perspective.

Types of games Red Tiger

Typical games

Red Tiger Dragon's Fire

Dragon's Fire

The game is characterized by the fact that hits are determined from both the left and right sides of the reels, making it easy to get a hit. When the dragon’s eye covers the entire reel or the dragon on the left side spits out flames, the player enters the bonus game.

Point of Interest
  • Payout determination from both left and right
  • Multipliers that inflate up to 50x
  • Dividend boost active even during free spins
Red Tiger Phoenix Fire

Phoenix Fire - Power Reels -

When the Firebird Wild symbol expands to three vertical squares, the wing symbol with closed wings turns into a wild.
Draw the wild when it is full of wing symbols to win a large prize at once.

Red Tiger Ninja Way

Ninja Ways

Slot with a ninja motif. Ninja Doors, which cover from 2x2 up to 4x4 reels with the same symbols, and Ninja Ways, which align the same symbols in a straight line or diagonally, appear frequently during normal and free spins.

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